The Edit Menu

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The edit menu:

This menu contains all of the edit operations available in the code editing window.


Undo the last edit operation in the code window.


Roll-back the last undo operation.


Copy the selected text to the windows clipboard and delete the selection from the active edit window.


Copy the selected text to the windows clipboard.


Replace the selected text, if any, with the text contained in the windows clipboard.


Erase the selected text in the active edit window.

Select All

Select all available text in the active edit window.

Generate getter/setter

Generated a getter/setter structure for a given field. Very useful when working on Objects encapsulation


This submenu contains all advanced edit operations:

Comment Selection: Convert all selected text to BlitzMax comments.
Uncomment selection: Convert a commented block of code to regular code.
Convert selection to foldable region: Convert a selected Block of code to a foldable region of code.
Toggle Bookmark: Add a bookmark at the current caret position. Bookmarks are displayed in the gutter margin of BLIde
Jump to next bookmark: Jump to the next available bookmark in current document.
Jump to previous bookmark: Jump to the previous bookmark in current document.
Clear Bookmarks: Clear all bookmarks in the active document.
Format whole document: Corrects folding and expression formatting of the entire document.

More edit options

This submenu contains the following options:

Convert to uppercase will convert the selected text to uppercase.
Convert to lowercase will convert the selected text to lowercase
Insert new line above will add a new blank line above the current one
Insert new line below will add a new blank line below the current one
Open all documents will open all the documents of the solution as tabbed documents
Close all documents will close all the documents of the solution

Add DebugStop

Adds a DebugStop mark in the current code line

Highlight current word

Highlights all occurrences of the selected word in all open documents.

Stop highlighting specific word

Stops highlighting all occurrences of a given word in all open documents.

Fold all

Folds all folding nodes.

Unfold all

Expands all folding nodes.

Fold at definition level

Expands and folds all the folding nodes in a way that the document structure is easier to navigate.

Find and replace

This submenu contains all available 'search and replace' options available on BLIde:

Find is a regular find and replace dialogue, to find keywords in the active edit document.
Find and replace is the same dialogue as Find, but with additional replace features.
Find Next will find the next occurrence of the text being searched
Find in files is a special dialogue that performs search operations in all currently open documents.

Jump to...

This sub-menu contains some interesting jump-related operations.

Jump to definition: Jump to the declaration line of the current identifier.


After pressing Shift+F2 or selecting Jump to Definition:

Code Templates

This submenu contains all code-template related operations:

Apply code template: Apply an existing code template to the current document
Get more code templates: Get more code templates on-line.
Save current file as code template: Save the current file as a code template file.

Insert code template

This option will show an auto-list of the available code template files, allowing you to choose any of them