BLIde is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by LemonBytes. It is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to BlitzMax programmers for applications and games development.
BLIde consists of:
  • A source code editor
  • A complete project management system
  • BlitzMax compiler seamless integration
  • Build automation tools
  • A debugger front-end
  • Integration of additional editors (image editors, 3D editors, etc.)
BLIde is a single program in which all development is done. BLIde provides many features for authoring, modifying, compiling, deploying and debugging games and applications. The aim is to abstract the configuration necessary to piece together all command line utilities in a cohesive unit, which reduces the time to learn BlitzMax, and increases developer productivity.
This is a screenshot of BLIde ‘in action’:

BLIde in action

In this screenshot, you can see how BLIde provides a multi-tab editor, a project tree (at the right of the image), a compiler parameters window, and… well… many more useful things!
The source code editor
The BLIde source code editor has a lot of features that improve the BlitzMax experience, such as folding, intelliprompt and parameter hints as you type.
Here you can see some screenshots:
In this example, you can see how BLIde is providing help to the coder regarding parameters and usage of the Graphics command. Additionally, you can see how all folding nodes are displayed on screen, so you can expand or collapse parts of the source code.
Here you can see how BLIde also provides a list fields, methods, functions, etc. This is very useful when you’re dealing with complex inheritance structures or when dealing with modules you’re not familiar with. Not to mention when you’re new to BlitzMax…
BLIde has a very powerful project system called ‘Solutions’ that allows you to create complex project structures in a very easy and intuitive way. Here’s a little screenshot of a “Solution explorer”:
You can see how this ‘Solution explorer’ (with the context menu opened in the example), allows you to easily manage files in your project. You can rename them, move them, create folders and files, etc everything with very few clicks, and if you’re using ‘managed solutions’, BLIde will write all the code needed to keep the files together so you don’t have to worry about imports or includes.
BLIde has a complete and very advanced debugger that helps you fix any bugs you may have in your games or applications. The state of the art design of the BLIde debugger is based on a multi-threaded sync engine that allows you to shut down your application at any time, even if the application is trying to get 100% of the CPU time. The debugger includes a call-stack information window, and a value/tree for all the objects of your game or application and, additionally, provide a step-by-step execution, so you can follow program flow with the maximum precision.
Here’s an screenshot of a debug session using BLIde:
Debugging a game

Debugging a game

There are lots of things BLIde has to offer. You can take a look to the list of features, see some screenshots or download the BLIde demo to give BLIde a try before you decide to buy the BLIde Plus version.

Download the BLIde Demo

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