BLIde Plus is ready to generate a complete portable BlitzMax environment, including all your preferences and your BlitzMax and MinGW compiler. Just plug the pen drive on any windows computer and Code!This portable version of the whole BLIde + BlitzMax + MinGW environment is called BLIde Traveler, and allows you to test your applications and games in virtually any windows computer, and track down any possible bugs directly in the computer where the tests are being made. This is much more effective than the classical bug reports sent by users.

The only prerequisite in the host machine is to be a Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine. BLIde is built in a way that will act as a native x86 application on 32 bits windows, and as a native 64 bits application on 64 bits windows.

Notice that computers with legacy Windows versions are also compatible as long as they have properly installed the Microsoft .net framework 2.1, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 with the latest Service Pack

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