BLIde Plus has all the features you would expect on a professional development environment, including a fully functional solution oriented project management system, a professional application publisher that will let you add icons to the exes created, activate the system specific windows styles (both in Windows XP and Windows Vista), add an internal compression algorithm to your applications so the executables generated are smaller.  BLIde Plus can additionally work with XML, LUA, C++, C, Assembler, Python, JavaScript, vbScript, HTML, PHP, SQL, and INI files, with its appropriated highlighting. It also adds a customer support window, and full complex intelliprompt for available not open source modules. This version also gives you access to some additional BLIde add-ons and applications. Additionally, BLIde Plus also includes a licensed version of the Font Machine Editor, and a licensed version of the BLIde Professional Publisher.

Please notice that one BLIde Plus license can only be installed in one computer used by several people, or installed in several computers used by only one coder.

You can have more information about BLIde Plus here:

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