BLIde Free Edition is officially discontinued and we won’t be releasing any more versions of it. We encourage all BLIde Free users to update to BLIde Plus.

We’re getting to a point that BLIde is feature complete and it does everything we want it to do, so development from now on will be focused on ensuring the best experience possible on BLIde Plus, stability, and compatibility with modern technologies, and future-prove stability. Also, we’ll be adding any possible new BlitzMax feature to the ide in the future. That said, as we do not want to do all this work for two products that are almost identical, we’ve dropped the Free version of BLIde.

BLIde Free edition has been available during the last eight years and used for free by thousands of coders along this years. We’re very happy we have been able to make this gift to the BlitzMax community and we’re grateful of all the positive comments we’veĀ got along this years, but the time of BLIde Free Edition is over as we want to focus all BLIde development on the Plus version.

Does this mean BLIde development is over? No, of course not. BLIde development is highly active. Latest version introduced lots of internal improvements including a migration from .net 2.0 to .net 4.0 and we’re now working on fully supporting x64 processors on next version.

For newcomers that wish to test BLIde before purchasing a license, we’ve created a BLIde Plus Demo, that is available in this website, here:


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