Any BLIde License gives you the right to request any help regarding regular usage of the IDE. To do so, you can select: “Tools / Support Tools / Get Support” from the BLIde Menu. This support mechanism is intended to:

  • Solve any questions regarding BLIde usage
  • Fix any technical compatibility problems between BLIde and your machine
  • Fix any bug you discover on the IDE

The support included in the license does not cover:

  • New features development requests. If you want BLIde to have a custom feature, you can suggest it and we’ll implement it or not, depending on our internal evaluations on costs and demand. If we decide not to implement a requested feature, or we decide to implement it in a different way as it was suggested, that should be considered our final word on it.

Additional services:

  • Community forums: Those forums are a place for the BLIde Community, they’re sometimes monitored for us, but they’re not an official support area and you should not expect an official answer to anything you post there.
  • Custom developments: We also provide customizations of BLIde under request. Feel free to ask for a costs evaluation if you want BLIde to do anything currently unsupported.

License updates time and support time:

The license updates time does not limit the license support time. Support time is lifetime, but we do not provide fixes for bugs on old versions that have been already fixed on modern versions. If you are using an outdated version of BLIde and experience any bug, you have to update BLIde before requesting us to provide a fix. We only provide fixes for the latest BLIde version.

License violation:

If you violate the BLIde license, you’re license number will be banned on our servers and you won’t be able to update BLIde any more. Also, you won’t be able to use it legally as the license will be invalid. When this is the consequence of fraudulent use of BLIde, no money refund will be accepted.


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