BLIde free edition is a smaller version of BLIde which is completely functional. It has code folding, intelliprompt, a project management system compatible with BLIde Plus, and some very interesting features. It is not as powerful as BLIde Plus, but it can be user for regular BlitzMax coding, for open source or non commercial projects.

With BLIde Free Edition you can experience all the benefits of a professional development environment with ‘help as you type’ and automatic management of complex object oriented structures in the intelliprompt system. It’s also the ideal tool for BlitzMax beginners.

There are some limitations you may know when working with BLIde Free Edition:

  • You don’t have to pay anything to use it. IT IS FREE.
  • You’re not allowed to create projects or solutions greater than 30 files per project or solution
  • You won’t get intelliprompt or highlighting for any non open source module.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to distribute commercially any game, application or module coded in BLIde free edition. BLIde free edition is designed for freeware, open source and personal projects. If you are using BLIde for shareware or commercial development you are required to purchase a Plus license per developer involved in the commercial software production. Not doing this is a direct violation of the license terms.
  • It has several limitations compared to BLIde Plus.

BLIde Free edition has been discontinued and it is no longer available.


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