First Jungle Ide Screenshot

First Jungle Ide Screenshot

As Mark has made a new official announcement about monkey and mojo, I thought it was time to give a bit more of information regarding our monkey Ide. Our monkey Ide will be called Jungle Ide, and it will support the monkey programming language and several target languages of monkey such as C#, Html5 + Javascript, etc. We’re designing it all from scratch but it is almost ready to be released as a private pre-release alpha version. There are several (well, lots of them) areas to be improved, specially regarding intelliprompt, but current version is quite stable at what it does, so we will be adding all the additional ‘magic’ during the regular beta testing phase, and also we’ll be improving some of the intelliprompt capabilities during the regular updates of the Ide.

This time, Jungle Ide will have automatic updating system, as BLIde Plus so getting latest improvements and fixes should be damn easy for any user.

Also, we’re developing and designing a new website for the Jungle Ide, stay tuned, more information to come soon!


  1. Looks good a light weight IDE with function folding is all I ever want.

  2. Looking good!

    Will there be some special deal for those already owning BLIde Plus? Will Jungle be compatible with .sln Managed Solutions/BlitzMax as well? AND will it finally be cross-platform?

  3. Thanks for the possitive feedback!

    “Will there be some special deal for those already owning BLIde Plus?”
    I honestly don’t know yet, I haven’t decided anything related to price, licensing, etc. I will inform you as soon as I know what I feel is the most sensible thing to do. Jungle Ide and BLIde are different products, based on diferent engines and cores. Jungle Ide will not be a BlitzMax editor, and BLIde will not be a monkey editor, but this does not mean that a special deal could be done for users of one of the ides to purchase the other.
    “Will Jungle be compatible with .sln Managed Solutions/BlitzMax as well?” No, as they are focused to different languages. Jungle Ide solutions and projects file format is based on XML, so it should be damn easy to make a conversor. BLIde Plus unamaged solutions are based in XML formatting too. bls is different, but it is also a text based format.
    “will it finally be cross-platform?”No. It will be windows only. Unless I -find a good, stable and feature ritch implementation of a text renderer that support all the features Jungle Ide and BLIde offer, this won’t change. Also I would need to build a new docking framework, wich is not a trivial task, etc. I’m not saying multi-plaformness won’t come any time, but it is not possible currently, and not a priority.

  4. Thanks for the quick and detailed response!

    > No. It will be windows only.

    Ah, damn. My hope actually pointed in the direction of BLIde Managed Solutions on Mac. I *really* miss the way these integrate modules with your application in the standard IDE (plus candy like code folding, intellisense, etc).

  5. >My hope actually pointed in the direction of BLIde Managed Solutions on Mac
    Well, managed solutions is something that works pretty well for BlitzMax code, but the new Jungle Ide is designed to be as much language-agnostic as possible, so it’s very easy to have a c++ project completelly written in Jungle Ide, or a C# project, or Java, Html5 + Javascript, etc. Also, additional languages may be added in the future so having a managed system in this case is a bit out. In the other hand, monkey is designed in a way that the duality between imports/includes that we han in blitzmax is different (can’t give details) but you’ll see not having managed solutions is not a problem. monkey is so well designed…

  6. Oh well, well .. the way you talk about monkey makes me deliberately want to get it. :) Guess I’m gonna delay starting some projects, until monkey is out.

  7. Looks like an interesting project and looking forward to this IDE as well as ‘monkey’. I couldn’t see anything off hand on your site or mark’s, but is the dev environment windows only? Or will the IDE/SDK work on Mac as well?

  8. The pure command line SDK tools can be used on a Mac or Windows computer, BUT Jungle Ide is a Windows only IDE. As monkey can produce html5, Flash,etc (among other formats) running the windows IDE in parallels should not be a big deal this time, but obviously if your main development environment is a mac computer, and you don’t want to use any virtualization tool, maybe then Jungle IDE is not the environment you’re looking for :D Anyway, I’ve designed it as lightweight as possible for those willing to use it on a not windows environment using Parallels or VMWare, or any other compatible option. It runs great on VMWare running XP.

  9. Please include dark themes! Zenburn is great.

  10. Capn Wicky

    Id like to see a Mac version of BLide and JungleIDE

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