I think this is a good moment to give more info about the new CK IDE for BMX2.
The obvious question that some people are making is ‘Why a new IDE, why not just extend BLIde’. And the answer is one simple word: Multi threading. CK Ide has a new internal engine based on multi-threading that allows the different tasks of the Ide to be done with complete parallelization. Our next Ide will be performing lexical analytics and syntactic analytics on different threads so the coding experience is never interrupted by the parser updating its internal data on large source code files. Only this change required a brand new engine developed from scratch, and that’s what we’re doing and it seems to be working honestly, faster than we thought.

Just as a simple example on how fast it is, we do not need a splash screen while the Ide is being loaded, you can load it as you would do with Notepad and also, we haven’t added a ‘loading solution’ window, as solution loading time is (in current Ide status) almost instant even for Big solutions with several projects.

Obviously there are lots of things that the Ide is not doing yet, as it is still on very early days of development, and all this could change in the future, but all in all, there are good news and I considered I had to share them.

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