The IDE we’re developing for the forthcoming BMX2 language is progressing very nicely. While it has still LOTS of work to be done, it’s now maintaining a real and complete AST structure of all documents and modules of the language.

This is very good news, as this means that our IDE will be able to deliver solution and document based intelliprompt so, as instance, only classes that really being imported in the current document are toke into account while building the intelliprompt autolists and function parameter hints.

There are still LOTS of very basic things to be done, but the parser speed is outstanding and we hope to be delivering a first alpha version of the IDE whenever this little language developed by Mark is released.

This new IDE, will be first released as a free IDE while it is on alpha and beta status, and later there will be a commercial version and maybe a free smaller version too. More or less like the current BLIde Plus licensing schema.

Also, this IDE will be windows only, based again in the .net framework. There are no plans to make a mono compatible version of the IDE, unless I find a stable, complete and serializable docking framework for C#, compatible with .net 2.0 and the current stable mono framework. If this happens, I could consider porting all the editor control I’ve developed for this new IDE to mono (which could take several months, being optimistic).

We will be needing some beta testers whenever BMX2 beta is available, so if you want to join the beta test team, please send me an email, and I’ll add you to the candidates list.

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