This has been a crazy week working on what’s going to be the new IDE for the BMX2 (or whatever it’ll be called) language.

When I started the design of what this new IDE was going to be, I had something very clear. I didn’t want it to be a new language inside BLIde. BLIde is a very good IDE and it’s currently in a very stable status, used in several professional development environments, but in the whole process of making BLIde, I learned lots of things. You know, after five years of development you often end in a situation where you think: I wish I did this like this, or the other way. So, I’m getting all the knowledge and creating a new IDE from scratch. It’ll take longer, but I’m sure it’ll be much more lightweight, fast and precise than BLIde at its beginning. Also, I’m trying to get a decent refactoring algorithm in the scene. I can’t promise, but things are progressing nicely in the lexer part, so it should be technically possible… We’ll see..

By now, I’ve managed to split the code/syntax/folding engine from the edit engine, so any source code file is not using GDI resources unless its edit window is open. In BLIde, a ‘document’ internally is a closed class with all components and GDI resources mixed with the logical syntax analytics. This was a good approach for BLIde when it was built, but after several tests, splitting this things will improve drastically resources usage, and available windows handles for other GDI consuming applications.

All in all, expect a decent ide with less features than BLIde, but fully functional, with folding, project management and intelliprompt (basic one at its begining). I plan to release this IDE for free in alpha (first) and beta (then) status and, depending on how everything progress, I will be releasing a commercial version.

By the way, the IDE has a name which is related to what the language will be called but… can’t tell!!

More info to come very soon.

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  1. sounds like a plan. I just hope starting from scratch does not take too long for the IDE to be ready!

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