I’ve been working on a way to allow fontmachine fonts and editor to support fully Unicode text. This is awesome news for all FontMachine users willing to provide localized versions of their games and applications.

The addition has been very easy to implement, given the modular design of the whole FontMachine module. An update of both editor and module is scheduled for next week, so say tuned!

Just a simple screenshot of a FontMachine sample with a Spanish saloutation and a Japanesse Hello World!:

And a sample with arabic text:


  1. Ken Harward

    Is this support included in 1.5.3 release? We’re eager for Unicode support and this would be a huge win for us (we wouldn’t have to write it ourselves).

    Your 1.5.3 update doesn’t mention Unicode, despite being a more recent release than this post…

  2. Ken Harward

    Nevermind, the 1.5.3 update does say (Unicode) next to it. So it does. Very nice, thanks for doing that. May have some more questions, comments, or requests after trying to use it.

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