Most of BlitzMax users know pretty well latest anouce by Mark, regarding a new language in the Blitz familly called (unless this changes) BMX2.

I’ve joined the dev team of this project today, with the idea to make BLIde support this new language. At first sight, while BMX2 should feel very natural for a regular Blitz user, it has some aspects that will requiere a deep rewrite of the internal BLIde engine. This rewrite will be done in order for BLIde to provide things like advanced intelliprompt, and in order for BLIde to support all the new language facets. I can’t (and I won’t) give any details of what’s in the kitchen regarding BMX2, as all information will come from the official source (wich is Mark), whenever Mark feels it’s the right moment, but regarding BLIde, all I can say is that it will not support BMX2 in its current status.

So, as all the internal BLIde parser, lexer, AST engine, debugger and  compiler-driver will have to be rewritten from scratch, I’ve decided to make it in the form of a brand new IDE. This ide will be BLIde for Bmx2 (instead of the current BLIde for BlitzMax). It will be released for free, in alpha form, whenver we have a public beta version of bmx2. There’s no plan or timetable for this new project. The project is currently on a planing status, and I’m not sure when it’ll see the light of day. Anyway, I’m very excited with it and I hope most Windows Blitz developers will find it useful.


  1. Wow !
    Exciting news really !
    You should already know that I will only jump into the Bmx2 boat only if BLIde for Bmx2 is following.
    Hope it will be available near any release of Bmx2 and that the Lifetime license won’t rise too much ^^
    Courage !

  2. Don’t know yet when and how it’ll happen. I’m considering very seriously the usage of Java instead of C#, because of the portability I would gain to Mac, Linux and devices, but haven’t yet decided, as there are lots of things in the BLIde engine that can’t be easilly ported to Java and going the whole rute again could mean 5 or more years of development!

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