We  are developing a new Intelliprompt system in BLIde that produces improved suggestions as the user writes code.
This new intelliprompt system is based on the mixture of several ideas. In one hand, BLIde now integrates an internal dictionary with all BlitzMax reserved words, including type declaration words, loops, etc. So they’re avaiable for completion as the user types code. In the other hand, BLIde now can get a list of available local variables in the given cursor position and, additionally, it can be mixed with the current type self-defined keywords such as fields, methods, functions etc. All this, is mixed at realtime with all solution-scope defined classes, functions, globals, methods, fields, const, etc. and, at the very end, BLIde is able to add any module-database-defined keyword so… all in all… BLIde now is able to provide an incredibly exact completion paradigm.

This new paradigm allows BLIde to case correct local variables and scope-based declarations as never before so. This is now being beta-tested and we’re hoping to have an stable version in some weeks time.

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