Early versions of BLIde did have a big dependence on the windows host machine registry to store some data (like recent documents list, active skin, etc). While BLIde development has evolved, I’ve made several efforts to make BLIde as much registry independent as possible and, the good news is that next BLIde Plus update (00.09.93) will be completely registry independant. One step forward on making BLIde portable.

The data that is currently stored in the windows registry will be cleared from there as requested on the next BLIde update. That is, whenever a setting stored in the windows registry is requested, next BLIde versions will get it from register, return the value, store it in the BLIde settings area, and remove the setting from the windows registry, leaving the registry completely clean.

The idea behind this is to add a new feature to BLIde that will allow BLIde users generate a working copy of BLIde + BlitzMax (everything setup and connected) on a pen drive or portable storage device.

With this ‘portable’ copy of BLIde + BlitzMax, the user will be able to compile, execute and debug code from any computer with windows vista, windows 7, or earlier windows with .net . That can be very helpful when the time to debug an application on several architectures comes. Additionally, all your BLIde setup can travel with you, whenever and wherever you’re going to have a coding session.

Obviously the portable version will come a bit later… :D

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