There have been two full working days fighting a bug in BLIde that, suddenly turned out to be a bug in Windows WinForms implementation. It seems that when a TreeView control is nested very deeply on container controls, it fails to invalidate properly itself when the scroll bar is used to scroll the TreeView contents. The funny thing is that this is only happening in some computers, all of them with Vista SP2 installed. None of the Windows 7 or Windows XP machines test did reproduce the issue!!!

The funniest thing of it, is that I did get an answer from MicroSoft when I did sent the bug report. The answer was that there was a bug in my code (they did not see the code) but that it could be solved overriding the WndMsg method of the TreeView class in C#, and adding a Invalidate call when the message was a SW_VSCROLL message… mmm… that makes me wonder how could they have such a quick answer without seeing a single line of my code :)

Anyway, this has been extremely helpful and it seems I will be able to solve this visualization bug soon. (I hope so).

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