Current BLIde version integrates an automatic intelliprompt for types overloading inherited methods and functions. While this is has been one of the greatest improvements BLIde has gained in the past months (in my honest opinion), it was lacking on something…  Inheritance of documentation.

Next BLIde version will also inherit automatically the bbdoc information of the overloaded method or function, so methods and functions are kept always on its common/all tab when using intelliprompt, and also, the maintenance of the code is easier, as it is (sometimes) automatically documented.

As an example, when I’m writing this:


BLIde brings the intelliprompt window, and if I select Addfirst, BLIde will automatically add this code:


The inheritance of documentation is done from the direct parent class until a overloading super class providing an implementation of the given class is found. Then, documentation is inherited if available. Otherwise, the method or function is considered undocumented and no bbdoc statement is added.
That means that documentation chain can be broken and re-implemented at any point of the genealogical class tree, and BLIde will understand it and handle it accordingly.

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