I’ve been asked several times to implement automatic getters and setters on BLIde and, while it would be very easy to implement them directly built-in to BLIde, I’ve taken the oportunity to write a new BLIde Plugin. This new BLIde Plugin will be part of the official distribution on BLIde 00.09.88 release.

The good news is that this new Plug-In has been written completely on Visual Studio Express 2008, using Visual Basic .net as the programming language so, no need to write BLIde Plug-ins from within BLIde any more. (this will still be supported for small plug-ins). That opens the door to the creation of much more rich, big and complex BLIde Plug-ins to third party developers. -I promise to document this soon.

This new Plug-in will be ultra easy to use. Just select a field name (or place the cursor over it), open contextual menu and select the option ‘generate getter and setter’. BLIde then will do all the work for you, including a small bbdoc: schema for the new two methods.

Hope to have this available for all BLIde Plus users very very soon.

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