I’ve been working on the BLIde layout to make it more organized and a bit less cluttered. first of all, I’ve removed the status bar for all the edited documents, and replaced it by a general status bar that is also shared by the help/html engine. This way BLIde looks and feels much more standard.

Here’s a little snapshot:

The change on the status bar releases quite a bit of window handlers, as it is now a shared object in a whole project, instead of being a private object of each document. So a solution with 200 files, is now saving more than 600 window handlers, making BLIde much more netbook friendly, and releasing quite a bit of resources.

Apart from the bottom status bar (in this example showing a DrawImage declaration). you can see how the drop-down lists of the editor window now have proper margins, and they are much more proportional to the sizes of the window.

Several changes have been made also on the console window, in the debug window, and in lots of areas of BLIde. We’re still fine tuning some of the tools to behave properly with the new look and feel hoping to release this version very soon. Also, the helpful hints panel has disappeared from the main BLIde window, and are now displayed as part of the welcome window.

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