I’m making some additional changes to the BLIde internal API, so it won’t rely any more in the Windows registry. the idea behind this is, now that we have a proper and functional BLIde Framework location in the My Documents folder of every BLIde user, why not add there a windows-like register that is easy to mantain and clean if ever needed? All this is being done with the aim of making a portable version of BLIde as soon as possible, so having data stored in the local machine register is not a good idea.

Additionally, I’m thinking on a optional application to edit the BLIde register and some of the bliof files with a graphical interface. It should be very simple to do, and could be very handy in case someone has a broken BLIde installation. It’s not a good idea to tell someone Open your regedit, locate the key XXX and then, if the value stored is XXX modify to YYY, you know how easy is to break windows registry if the key or value is not properly written or the user modifies something else by mistake… I think this could be a very good way to avoid this.

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