While I’m trying to keep every improvement and new feature on BLIde as platform independent as possible (I would love to see BLIde running on mono in the future), I’ve added a new P/Invoke call to the internal BLIde API.

The new dependant function is PathRelativePathTo windows API that can be found on user32.dll. This has been added to improve some of the internal BLIde file handling on managed solutions, in order to make them much more portable from one machine to another.

This new changes will improve the way some files are referenced inside solutions (specially imported library nodes). From next version, file referencing will use relative paths when possible, even when an import node is located at a upper-folder from the referenced node.  Additionally, main nodes will be kept in a relative path to the main bls, or BlideUS main file. Older “.BLIde” files will also benefit from this.

This is very big step forward in making BLIde much more portable and team friendly, at the cost of being a bit more far from a mono-compatible version of BLIde. Additionaly, Linux users of BLIde should have no issues with this, as this function is already implemented on the wine API.

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