Feature MaxIDE BLIde Free BLIde Plus
Project management (limited) X
Solution explorer (limited) X
Advanced module builder X
Integrated compilation of DLLs frontend X
Automatic DEF file generation X
Customizable intelliprompt modules X
Advanced ANSI C code analyzer X
Advanced module documentation creator X
Save and restore a complete GUI layout. X
Compile and execute GNU C++ source code X X
Integrated updater utility X
Muti-threaded module compilation X X
Compile and execute ANSI C source code X X X
Embed Windows Styles on your exe X
Customer support integrated in the IDE X
Intelliprompt for non open source mods X
Preview of audio files X
DX-Based preview of X and B3D files X
Integrated preview of image files (bmp, jpg, etc.) X
Highlighting of LUA source code X
Highlighting for C++ Source code X
Highlighting for Python source code X
Advanced parser for JavaScript source code X
Highlighting for J# Source code X
Associate file extensions with BLIde parsers. X
Advanced parser for Visual Basic Script X
Highlighting for PHP source code X
Highlighting for INI files X
Highlighting for Assembler source code X
Advanced parser for HTML source code X
Advanced parser for XML source code X
Refresh modules database without restarting X
Publish smaller EXEs  (NRV compression) X
Managed several BlitzMax setups X
on-code documentation shown X X
Advanced Intelliprompt X X
Integrated code completion X X
Folding X X
Quick info tips X X
Html export X X
Print preview for source code X X
Front end for the ZAP utility X X
Intelligent module database X X
Code Highlighting (limited) X X
Color scheme modifier (limited) X X
Code Regioning X X
Block commenting / uncommenting X X
Advanced MDI layout X X
Application dependencies tree X X
Line numbers X X
Stack trace information on debug breaks X X
Abstract syntax tree with shortcuts X X
Powerful dockable user interface X X
External editor association for media files X X
Integrated BlitzMax based debug X X X
Sync modules for older Max versions X X
Build all modules X X X
Error reports on console window X X
Real Unicode support X X
To-do list per project X X
Mix modules and EXEs on a single project X X
multi-server sync mods selection X X
Virtual white spaces X X

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