Font machine is a bitmap font tool for BlitzMax. This tool allows the creation and usage of great bitmap fonts in your blitzmax games.
This application consist on three tools:

Font Machine Module This module lets you use the wonderful FontMachine fonts on BlitzMax. Free
Tutorials This is a package of free tutorials and rendered bitmap fonts Free
Font Machine editor This is a .net application that allows the creation of FontMachine fonts BLIde Plus

How to install the font machine tool:

1.- Download the font machine module here:  Font machine module (new version 1.5.3 Unicode)

2.- Unrar the module source code + compiled module in your mods folder, so at the end you have the following path structure:

3.- If using BLIde, restart BLIde with the option ‘BLIde updating modules’, so BLIde can see a new module has been installed

4.- Get the fonts package and tutorials here:  Tutorial and free fonts

5.- If you want to create your own Bitmap fonts , you can check the Font Machine – Bitmap font editor DEMO or if you are a BLIde Plus user, you can get the full editor version in the customers area.

Some images showing the Font Machine module and Editor:

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